Conference “Bridges not walls”

European Conference

Join Europe’s democratic revolution. Stand for an alternative Europe. Build bridges for the rights of all. Build bridges to end austerity.

About the conference:

On April 22nd, an internationalist conference against xenophobia, neoliberalism and patriarchy, and for the democratic revolution in Europe is taking place in Madrid. A meeting space for dialogue between social and political actors who, from different countries, are fighting against neoliberal policies and the rise of xenophobia. A meeting that seeks to lay one more building block in the construction of another Europe based on democracy, social justice, and universal rights. So we can break with the false dilemma of ‘this neoliberal EU or the retreat into xenophobic exclusive identities’.

We’re now in a key year which will see either the strengthening or the retreat of reactionary movements in our continent. Our meeting will in fact take place on the eve of the first round of the French presidential elections. That day we will shout ‘No Pasarán’ to Le Pen, but also ‘Enough is Enough’ to those who, from the Great Neoliberal Coalition, present themselves as the only alternative. And what better time to celebrate, as the French campaign draws to a close, the first anti-Trump event in Spain.

But April 22 is just the beginning. This conference seeks to contribute to the articulation of international alternatives against xenophobia and austerity (in their different strands of racism, Islamophobia, LGTBI-phobia or misogyny), to work along similar movements elsewhere in Europe. A process of building bridges to break down the walls of austerity and xenophobia. A process that will only succeed if it is choral, massive, and formed by a diversity of political forces, social movements and civil society.

Build bridges to end austerity

Programme here:

9:00-10:00. Welcome / Access Teatro Kamikaze/El Pavón

10:00-12:00. Forum 1: Brexit, Trump and the lepenization of European politics
Estefanía Torres (Eurodiputada de Podemos)
Winnie Wong (People’s Summit (People for Bernie). EE UU)
Sihame Assbague (Journalist, expert on racism. France)
Mania Mparsefski (Acti Activist of anti-racist movement, pro-Human Rights and support for refugees in Athens. Greece)
Owen Jones (Journalist. UK)
Teresa Vetter (Feminist activist and member of RAZEM. Polonia)

12:30-14:30. Forum 2: Alternatives to neoliberal policies and for a democratic revolution

Ione Belarra (Co-portavoz parlamentaria de Unidos Podemos)
Adam Klug (Momentum. UK)
Omar Slaouti (Activist Collectif du 19 Mars. France)
Claire Sandberg (All of Us. USA)
Ronda Kipka (Antifascist movement. Germany)
Erasmo Palazzotto (Diputado y responsable internacional de Sinistra Italiana)
Dyab Abou Jahjah (Civil Rights Defender, Founder Arab European League. Liban/Belgium)

14:30 Closure

19:00 – RALLY: RALLY: Neither Trump-LePen, nor the Grand Coalition
Open event.
Concerts and cultural activities.

Where and when:

Day: April 22nd 2017
Time: 10:00-14:30
Place: Teatro Kamikaze, calle Embajadores, 9
28012 Madrid

Gallery Conference “Bridges not walls”

Conferencia: Bridges, not walls

Día: 22.4.2017
Lugar: Teatro Kamikaze
C/ Embajadores, 9
28012 Madrid