April 22nd. European conference.



Build bridges for the rights of all

We bet for an Europe that unites all people


Join us on building an alternative Europe

European meeting against xenophobia, neoliberalism and patriarchy.
April 22nd – Madrid


Si levantan muros tenderemos puentes en los cinco continentes

Crea puentes por los derechos de todas, tiende puentes para acabar con el austericidio. Únete a la revolución democrática de Europa.

The world, and especially Europe, is currently facing an upsurge in racism and authoritarianism in a scale not seen in a long time. The rise of xenophobic and right-wing extremist parties in several European countries, the spread of Islamophobia, and the EU’s racist, sexist, selfish, and militaristic response to human mobility in search of refuge (which also violates human rights and international law) are some examples. Taken together, they paint a disturbing political picture that should unite all democratic forces across Europe.
To these issues we must add the increase in social and economic inequalities due to neoliberal policies and the decline of liberal democracy on the one hand, and to the growth and concentration of power and profits in transnational corporations and the financial system on the other. Established rights, from the right to asylum to the very right to have rights, are being dismantled; while the ground is laid for increases in military spending and the tightening of defense and security policies.
With the new Trump administration in the US, such discourses and policies have now been reinforced on both sides of the Atlantic. Both Trump and Brexit show us the failure, consequences, and political errors of the dominant political classes, but also the false dichotomy so common in our times: the choice between a neoliberal austericidal internationalism and a retreat into an authoritarian xenophobic, patriarchal, and exclusive form of national identity.
In fact, these options need each other and feed from each other. Neoliberal continuity means governments that work for the elites, hijacking democracy and human rights, and concentrating wealth in fewer hands. The result is well known: more unemployment, inequality, social tensions, and fear. The perfect breeding ground for opportunists, racists, and misogynists like Trump and Le Pen.
The answer to this problem lies in social mobilisation and mechanisms of mass participation. Fortunately, these are becoming increasingly common, as demonstrated by movements like Black Lives Matter or the Women’s March in the US, feminist mobilisations against the ultraconservative Polish government, or the recent March for Dignity in the French banlieues. To fight against austerity is to fight against xenophobia and vice versa. We need a democratic revolution in Europe, so let’s make it happen. Help us build this movement. Join Bridges not Walls.


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